Mini Sim

A normal sized region 256x256m
15.000 Primitives

Full Sim

4 normal sized regions 256m x 256m or 2 2x2 var regions 512m x 512m
75,000 combined Primitives

Super Sim

9 normal sized regions 256m x 256m or 3 3x3 var regions 768m x 768m
100,000 combined Primitives

Mega Var

1 4x4 Var 1024m x 1024m up to 1 8x8 Var 2048m x 2048m
150,000 Primitives

Oceanside Estate

1 4x4 Var 1024m x 1024m connected to Zetaworlds Ocean
50,000 combined Primitives

Water Regions

surrounds anything up to a 4x4 var region with open ocean
5.000 combined Primitives

Shared Estate

any region size from 256x256 to 768x768 up to equivalent of sixteen 256x256m regions
120,000 Primitives
Resale of whole regions only. Resale only via Gloebit currency. Extended verification required. Business registration required in some jurisdictions.